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About Me


Hello luminous beings of stardust! My name is Emily, or Em, truly either name feels good for me. I use they/them pronouns. I’m so stoked you are reading this! I am a white, antiracist, nonbinary, queer, neurodivergent, polyamorous human dedicated to - you guessed it - social and environmental justice. I consider myself a critical race theorist, queer theorist, disability theorist, and I believe health comes at every size.


I could list my qualifications, but what I really want you to know about me is this: I am dedicated to learning with you and offering what I can, in service of abolition and liberation. The word “liberation” is so juicy and yummy to me - it gives pleasure and free-flowing relief, like floating in a natural hot spring on a breezy summer day in the mountains, with radical intentional community and an abundance of nourishment, medicine, and love. That is the energy I want to create in my work. Let us create for ourselves the liberation we crave. No government or entity in power will do it for us.

Something to know about me as a therapist:

I am not an apolitical therapist. I do not come to you pretending to be a blank slate, echoing back only what you say and believe (though I do very much care what you believe and have to say). While I experience immense gratitude and gratification in facilitating healing, I feel strongly that my license is not what facilitates that healing. The state does not create healers. It is my commitment that I work to disrupt white supremacist gatekeeping and liability-focused approaches that have caused so much harm in the mental health and social work fields. Therapy should never be apolitical. Therapy cannot be both apolitical and be effective as a tool of liberation. May we break out of the molds psychology and other such constructs aim to violently force us into. May we be monstrous, messy, ungovernable, and free.

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