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Image by Deanna Lewis

Client Testimonials

Emily has helped me to find safety and peace within myself. I feel I can get through my challenges of the week knowing I will have the opportunity to meet with Emily. Also knowing that I have the tools to access that have been provided by Emily to help me through my emotional struggles. 

I am so glad to have found Seeds of Liberation Counseling through a referral from a friend. Emily brings a depth of knowledge around systems of oppression, liberation, and countless tools and resources to support personal growth within progressive values. Emily provides non judgmental support and nurturing care that has given me the invaluable space to learn about myself more deeply. I value Emily's partnership and guidance immensely and am better for it. 

Emily is helpful, knowledgeable and insightful. They have helped me grow in many areas while both holding me accountable and supporting me along the way.

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