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Let us work together toward liberation

Welcome! I am grateful you are here. Whether you are just curious, actively looking for a therapist or supervisor, or whatever the reason, I'd like to think you found this page for a reason. Our world is an incredibly difficult place to live and an even harder place in which to thrive. There is a piece of that that is inherent to living: survival is challenging. There are also many pieces that are not inevitable and stem from oppressive systems designed to keep us unwell. You may have a diagnosis like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or gender dysphoria - that diagnosis might be helpful, and it may also fail to illuminate a full picture of your experience and what got you here.


You are not broken. Systems are broken (or rather, designed intentionally to harm most people). This world has created barriers that stand between you and your highest self. As a therapist, I use a social justice lens to meet each individual, relationship, and family where they are, and work to liberate ourselves from the binds we did not choose. That can look like working on relationships, trauma, identity, intentional joy and pleasure, and many other ways. While you may experience something like depression, YOU are not depression. YOU are a brilliant being worthy of love and belonging. Together we work toward your liberation from any obstacles that stand between you and your best, most authentic self.

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"Liberation is the opportunity for every human, no matter their body, to have unobstructed access to their highest self; for every human to live in radical self-love."
- Sonya Renee Taylor

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About Me

My name is Emily or Em (they/them). I am a licensed therapist offering in-person and teletherapy. 

I am so excited you've landed here on my site. Whether I'm the therapist for you or not, I'm elated that you're being called to work toward your own internal liberation.

Therapeutic Approach

As every individual is unique, I tailor my approach to each person depending on their needs and goals.


Primarily, I use narrative therapy, family systems therapy and internal family systems all within the context of queer, intersectional feminist theory and critical race theory. All of those theories and therapies to say: I will connect with you and use the methodology we both think is best for you! I'll acknowledge your experiences of oppression and discrimination in this complex and difficult world we live in. None of us are free until all of us are free.


Something to know about me as a therapist:

I am not an apolitical therapist. I will not come to you pretending to be a blank slate, echoing back only what you say and believe. I feel strongly that my license is not what facilitates that healing. The state does not create healers. It is my commitment that I work to disrupt white supremacist gatekeeping and liability-focused approaches that have caused so much harm in the mental health and social work fields. Therapy should never be apolitical. Therapy cannot be both apolitical and be effective as a tool of liberation. May we break out of the molds psychology and other such constructs aim to violently force us into. May we be monstrous, messy, ungovernable, and free.

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"Transform yourself to transform the world"
- Grace Lee Boggs


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Relationship Therapy

Relationships can be both the most wonderful part of our lives, and the most difficult. Using methods like relational accountability and PACT, I support all members of the relationship in being heard, seen, and understood. I am queer, kink, and non-monogamy affirming. 

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Individual Therapy

Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, stress, self-harm, or a myriad of other problems, I will meet you where you are and support you in reaching a better you. I specialize in working with queer folx, especially transgender and nonbinary individuals.

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Family Therapy

Often times, the only way we can heal is relationally. I specialize in family systems therapy and have years of experience navigating the complexity of family relationships and conflict. I support each member of the family in creating balance and a loving environment.

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Sex Therapy

Sex plays an incredibly important role in our lives, yet we so rarely talk about it. Not talking about it can lead to shame, discomfort, and decreased overall satisfaction and pleasure. Your experiences are probably more "normal" than you realize. I specialize in supporting transgender and nonbinary folks in accessing their sexual pleasure while navigating dysphoria and physical changes.

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